Hayes  Arnold  Bland
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Bianual Reunion Brings Family Back to Memphis
   Family members from coast to coast  together in Memphis July 21-24 for our biannual family reunion.  Despite near- record heat, family members of all ages gathered and had a grand time during three days of fun-filled activities.  
   Here is a link to photographs from previous reunions to help keep alive the memories (or for family members who weren’t able to attend, you can see how much fun you missed. Shortly, we'll provide photos from this year's reuunion too. Stay tuned.....
Next Family Reunion: Washington, DC
                                      July, 2007
Dear Hayes/Arnold/Bland family members:
 That’s right!  
  Since we have family members who are spread across the country, it’s not always easy to keep up with what’s going on with our family members.  So we thought we’d use the Web as a forum to make it easier to learn what’s happening with various family members.  We also will use this site to present our family history, so that the younger generations can learn to appreciate the Hayes/Arnold/Bland family heritage. We’ll have more information about new features in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned.....